David Hinson

Senior Research Scientist

Planetary Atmospheres

Kelsey Hoffman

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Kepler

Xinchuan Huang

Principal Investigator / Research Scientist

Computational Spectroscopy And Dynamics For Small/Middle-Size Molecules In Space Atmosphere And Our Environment

Peter Jenniskens

Senior Research Scientist

Planetary Astronomy
United States

Pascal Lee

Senior Planetary Scientist

Mars Planetary Sciences
Mountain View, United States

Jie Li

Kepler SOC Scientific Programmer

Steven Lord

Senior Research Scientist

Extragalactic Far Infrared Spectroscopy

Ly Ly


Web Development Science Communication Seti Institute
189 Bernardo Ave, Mountain View, CA, United States

Franck Marchis

Exoplanets Research Thrust Chair, Senior Scientist & Science Outreach Manager

Astronomy Instrumentation Planetary Science
Mountain View, United States

Oana Marcu

Research Scientist


Tim Michaels

Research Scientist

Research Scientist Scientific Programmer