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Image: By Abby Tabor | Science Writer at NASA's Ames Research Center

You are visiting the SETI Institute's community platform. Welcome! This is a place for us to share with the world our excitement about the work we do. 

In fact, that is part of our mission, carried out through education, outreach programs and this scientific database, the SETI Polaris platform. We invite you to discover our science and to contact us to join in our quest.

“From astrophysics and planetary science to astrobiology and SETI research, our scientists work to unlock the secrets of life in the universe – how it happens and where we might find it,” explains Bill Diamond, the SETI Institute’s President and CEO.

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On this platform, visitors and members alike can access a database of all our scientific publications and archive of SETI project reports from our multidisciplinary research in:

• Astronomy & Astrophysics

• Astrobiology

• Climate & Geoscience

• Exoplanets

• Planetary Exploration

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The entire research community of the SETI Institute is here. Browse our profiles and connect with colleagues, potential collaborators, or those scientists whose work you’ve been admiring from afar.

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Connect with our members to stay in touch with the SETI community and follow the platform to receive updates about our latest events, research results and announcements.

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For more information about Polaris platforms, any questions about how to use them, or suggestions to help them fit your needs, please contact our collaborators, the MyScienceWork team, at [email protected]

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